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Watch PISCO talks at CWO (California and the World Ocean Conference) 2010

PISCO personnel were recently selected to present at the California and the World Ocean conference 2010. The talks focused on a range of topics from PISCO's science communication to work conducted with California's MLPA and the science surrounding MPA's.

PISCO PI Mark Carr

Ocean Impacts of Climate Change: Science, People and Policy

Friday, September 10, 2010
8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m.
Room 175, Knight Law Center
1515 Agate Street

Pre-registration strongly encouraged

PISCO PI Mark Carr interviewed for KQED Radio (MPA)

PISCO Principal Investigator Dr. Mark Carr

PISCO PI Steve Palumbi talks for TED

PISCO Principal Investigator Dr. Stephen Palumbi has been invited to talk for the TED non-profit organisation.


There's a tight and surprising link between the ocean's health and ours, says marine biologist Stephen Palumbi. He shows how toxins at the bottom of the ocean food chain find their way into our bodies, with a shocking story of toxic contamination from a Japanese fish market. His work points a way forward for saving the oceans' health -- and humanity's.

PNAS Marine Reserves Special Edition

Monitoring MPAs by SCUBA in waters off Central California

PISCO Comments to Interagency Ocean Policy Task Force (Feb)

On June 12, 2009, President Obama sent a memorandum to the heads of executive departments and federal agencies establishing an Interagency Ocean Policy Task Force (IOPTF), led by the White House Council on Environmental Quality. The Task Force is charged with developing a recommendation for a national policy that ensures protection, maintenance, and restoration of oceans, our coasts and the Great Lakes.

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