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Demystifying Ocean Acidification & Coastal Hypoxia- Public event on Oct 23, 2012

A public forum about ocean health in Oregon

Event Flyers for Posting:  Black/white.  Color.

What are the phenomena of ocean acidification and coastal hypoxia? What is causing them? What are their likely impacts on marine species and coastal communities, and what can be done to minimize these impacts?

Rockfish recruitment and Upwelling

New European Science of Marine Reserves Booklet

The European version of the Science of Marine Reserves is the fourth educational booklet in a series published by PISCO. This booklet provides the latest scientific information about no-take marine reserves, reporting peer-reviewed research from throughout Europe and globally.

MPA monitoring: Knowledge through partnerships

In a recent paper PISCO Principal Investigators Mark Carr, Pete Raimondi and Margaret McManus show that MPA monitoring must have a physical component to partner with the traditional ecological monitoring to accurately assess the effects of ecosystem change, in the coastal oceans, for example future climatic changes.

Ocean Acidification: the consortium approach

New NSF award to study effects of Ocean Acidification

Hypoxia affects Fish

New findings about how marine resources are affected in Oregon’s Dead Zone

Monitoring MPAs by SCUBA in waters off Central California

MLPA Central Coast Study Region baseline data collection

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