Science of Marine Reserves: International booklet version

All figures from the international Science of Marine Reserves booklet can be downloaded below for educational use and dissemination. Photographs included in the booklet are not available for public distribution. While we encourage its use for educational purposes, the material is copyrighted by PISCO, so we ask that you provide full credit when presenting these images.

Figures from the International version (2007, English)

Pelican, Sea Turtle, Kelp, Coral

Effects of marine reserves

Reserves around the world (5 MB)
Reserve effects worldwide, Lester et al., 2009 
(1.2 MB)
Temperate and tropical reserve effects, Lester et al. (443 MB) 
Coral trout reproduction (544 KB) 
Fish responses in marine reserves (539 KB)
Age at maturity (1.5 MB)
Biomass in Kenyan marine reserves (294 KB)
Seaweed in a New Zealand reserve (326 KB)
Adult spillover (600 KB)
Larval dispersal (424 KB) 

Case Study: Kisite Marine Park, Kenya

Kisite Marine National Park, map (801 KB)
Kisite changes in biomass (407 KB)

Case Study: Leigh Marine Reserve, New Zealand

Leigh Marine Reserve, map (584 KB)
Leigh kelp vs. barren coverage (488 KB)
Leigh sea urchin declines (382 KB)

Case Study: Torre Guaceto Marine Reserve, Italy

Torre Guaceto Marine Reserve, map (762 KB)
Torre Guaceto spillover (481 KB)

Design considerations 

Life cycle of red emperor(2.6 MB)
Reserve size and home ranges (720 KB)
Network example (2 MB)

Marine reserve planning processes

Great Barrier Reef Marine Park, Australia (180 KB)
California, USA (160 KB)
Apo and Sumilon Islands, Philippines (259 KB)


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