Science of Marine Reserves: European booklet version

All figures from the European Science of Marine Reserves booklets in English can be downloaded below for educational use and dissemination. Photographs included in the booklet are not available for public distribution. While we encourage its use for educational purposes, the material is copyrighted by PISCO, so we ask that you provide full credit when presenting these images.



Reserves around the world (5.11 MB)

European reserves (684 KB)

European reserve effects (992 KB)

Reserve effects worldwide, Lester et al., 2009 (1.2 MB)

European seabass reproduction (584 KB)

Abundance increases in a Spanish reserve (252 KB)

Age at maturity (1.6 MB)

Adult spillover (460 KB)

Larval dispersal (424 KB)

Trophic cascades in an Italian reserve (1.3 MB)

cASE STUDY: Lundy, united kingdom

Lobster abundance and size (584 KB)

Lundy Marine Reserve, map (532 KB)

CASE STUDY: Bradda inshore fishing ground, isle of man

Scallop density (295 KB)

Scallop sizes (400 KB)

Bradda Inshore Fishing Ground, map (552 KB)

CASE STUDY: western mediterranean

Fishing effort (779 KB)

Grouper egg density (649 KB)

Western Mediterranean, map (748 KB)

design considerations

Network example (1.8 MB)

Life cycle of Atlantic cod (3 MB)

Reserve size and home ranges (464 KB)

Marine reserve planning process

Torre Guaceto Protected Area, Spain (204 KB)

Flamborough Head Marine Reserve, UK (176 KB)

Arrábida and Côte Bleue Marine Parks, Portugal and France (160 KB)


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