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Science of Marine Reserves booklet

Science of Marine Reserves

A recent review of the most up-to-date scientific information about marine reserves, spearheaded by PISCO, reveals global trends in the effects of marine reserves.


Coastal Connections booklet

Coastal Connections

For 6 years, PISCO released Coastal Connections annually. These volumes emphasized recent findings from ongoing research and outreach projects along the U.S. West Coast.


Hypoxia bookletsHypoxia Handouts

Photographs, Videos, and supporting documents cover the "Hypoxic Dead Zones" along the coastal fringes of the northern California Current Large Marine Ecosystem.

Channel Islands Marine Protected Areas booklet

Channel Islands Marine Protected Areas

The California Department of Fish and Game produced this report in collaboration with PISCO, the Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary, and the Channel Islands National Park. The booklet presents the results from selected projects conducted during the first 5 years of monitoring the Channel Islands marine protected areas.

Channel Islands MPAs after 10-years.

Released in 2015, this brochure summarizes findings from ten years of kelp forest and rocky reef monitoring in the Channel Islands.


Monitoring MPAs by SCUBA in waters off Central CaliforniaMonitoring MPAs by SCUBA in waters off Central California

A new informational booklet that presents results from California’s Marine Life Protection Act (MLPA) baseline kelp forest monitoring surveys in the central coast study region (CCSR). The booklet titled “Monitoring MPAs by SCUBA in waters off Central California” presents pictographic representations of data gathered in 2007 and 2008 as part of kelp forest baseline monitoring in MLPA state marine protected areas.



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