PISCO Policy Comments

Public comment is a vital part of creating federal policy and allows for independent organizations to advise and offer suggestions to federal agencies looking to implement policy.

PISCO scientists and policy coordinators draft comments for legislation, reports, and management plans that are relevant to our 3 designated policy arenas, Marine Reserves and other protected areas, Climate Change and Sustainable Marine Resources; and that will impact our primary research habitats, Rocky Shores, Kelp Forests and Coastal Oceans.

West Coast Governors ALLIANCE on ocean health

West Coast Governors’ Agreement on Ocean Health download here

December 2007Submitted PISCO comments on WCGA

Draft Work Plans for Carrying Out the WCGA Action Plan download here

June 2009Submitted PISCO comments on WCGA draft work plans

Sea Grant draft report "West Coast Regional Marine Research and Information Needs"

Sea Grant Draft Report 

January 2009Submitted PISCO comments

Management Plan Review Olympic Coast National Marine Sanctuary (OCNMS)

November 2008 - Submitted PISCO comments to Management Plan Review Team

President obama's Interagency Ocean Policy task force (IOPTF)

Inter Agency Ocean Policy Task Force Website 

September 2009 - PISCO PI Mark Carr Testifies to IOPTF 

October 2009 - Submitted PISCO comments for the Interim report of the IOPTF download here

February 2010 - Submitted PISCO comments for the report entitled "Interim Framework for Effective Coastal and Marine Spatial Planning" download here

National Ocean Council (NOC) and National Ocean Policy (NOP)

National Ocean Council Website 

February 2012 - Submitted PISCO comments on the Draft National Ocean Policy Implementation Plan.



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