Sustainable Marine Resources

PISCO staff and researchers collaborate with ecosystem scientists, economists and policy experts on questions about sustainable management, ocean health, and responses of ecosystems to different management approaches. The program provides essential information for spatially-explicit and ecosystem-based planning and management. For example, we work closely with a wide network of collaborators to develop scientific interpretive tools such as area-based models and tailored data syntheses and applications.  These findings and tools are then shared with policymakers and managers through participation on scientific advisory committees, engagement in planning and decision-making processes, contributions to professional meetings, and academic and educational publications.

Shared ocean areas

New uses of the nearshore ocean, such as wave energy development, are rapidly emerging within a current matrix of existing uses, such as fisheries. Ocean ecosystems are also shifting in response to changes in management and climate. For policy-makers and managers who are faced with these changing human uses of ocean resources and climate change, PISCO’s interdisciplinary ecosystem approach provides critical methods, information, and understanding.

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