Pacific Rocky Intertidal Monitoring: Trends and Synthesis

Sea Star Wasting Syndrome Map: Last Updated: 2014-04-11

Please note that we do not know what is causing Sea Star Wasting Syndrome, and the cause may be different in different regions. The map below includes information from our regular intertidal monitoring surveys as well as information from logs submitted by other researchers, divers, and the general public (see acknowledgements below).

Long-term trends in Pisaster ochraceus numbers at our monitored sites can be viewed by location here or by using our Interactive Map & Graphing Tool. Under "Long Term Graph Type" select "species counts data" and under "plot type" select "pisaster".

Sea Star Disease Observation Logs.

Sea star disease presence category definitions

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We would also like to thank the following individuals for submitting information used to update this map:

Aaron Dufault, Abby Nickels, Allison Gong, Amy Dean, Angela Johnson, Anita McMillan, Ann Scarborough Bull, Ann Wasser, April Price, Ari Freedman, Art Kolter, Artemis Celt, Avrey Parsons-Field, Barb Erikson, Barbara Wagner, Betsy Steele, Bill Gomez, Brian Youngstrom, Brittany Brady, Callie Mack, Carlos Mireles, Catherine Drake, Claudette Dorsey, Clint Nelson, Cristoph Pierre, Dan Reed, Dan Schwartz, Daniel Clemens, Darren Fong, David Anderson, Denise Boniface, Derek Stein, Dida Kutz, Drew Harvell, Ellika Crichton, Elizabeth Bettenhausen, Elizabeth Seacord, Emily Carrington, Eric Eisenhardt, Fonseca Franco, Freya Sommer, Gabriela Montano, Gavin Wuttken, Gayle van Leer, Geoff Walsh, Gerald Winkel, Glenn VanBlaricom, Helle Anderson, Jackie Hildering, Jackie Patay, Jackie Sones, Jacob Eurich, James Watanabe, Jason Adelaars, Jan Kocian, Janna Nichols, Jared Figurski, Jay Smith, Jeff Adams, Jeff Goddard, Jeff Harris, Jeffrey Zankel, Jennifer Burnaford, Jennifer Kolbauer, Jenny Schefski, Jeremy Long, Jessie Altstatt, Jim Burke, Jim Knowlton, Jim Lyle, Jim van Gogh, Joe Tzyburczy, Joe Weiss, Joel Elliott, Joel Norton, John Gross, John Pearse, John Sayers, John Ugoretz, Joseph Gaydos, Joshua Sera, Judy Jordan-Biesele, Justine Maybee, Kate Melanson, Kelly Andrews, Katrine Heuer, Ken Bondy, Ken Collins, Ken Loomis, Kenneth Viknair, Kevin Clifford, Kevin Lafferty, Kevin Lee, Kim Coonen, Kirby Johnson, Kristin Riser, Laura Anderson, Laura Jurgens, Laura Rogers-Bennett, Leanne Foster, Liam Antrim, Liam Zarri, Linda Dudinyak, Linda Martin, Lindsey Eggers Damazo, Lisa Hall, Lorna Claerbout, Luke Miller, Maradel Gale, Marie Lindsey, Mark Neyer, Marm Kilpatrick, Matt Robart, Mathew Phillips, Matthew Hoehn, Megan Wood, Michael Behrens, Michael Guardino, Michael Kyte, Michelle Beaudry, Mike Kenner, Mike Schaadt, Morgan Eisenlord, Nancy Tobin, Neil McDaniel, Nicole Abeln, Patrick Hutchins, Patrick Webster, Patsee Ober, Peggy Tillery, Peter Macht, Remi Le Reverend, Rhys Lewis, Richard Cranor, Ron Kacmarcik, Rouvaishyana, Russel Barsh, Russell Toerper, Ryan Berger, Ryan Stephenson, Sabine Doenninghaus, Samantha Winchell, Santiago Polo, Sarah Sampson, Scott Groth, Shannon Jarrell, Steve Clabuesch, Steve Lee, Steve Lonhart, Steve Rubin, Steve Simmons, Steve Tuckerman, Steven Morgan, Stephen Whitaker, Stuart Wobbe, Tara Troyer, Tim Herrlinger, Tish Conway-Cranos, Tristin McHugh, Wendell Wood, Wyatt Patry, Yvette Ralph, and many others. In addition, we would like to thank Melissa Redfield (UCSC) for consolidating this information for the map as well as for the Sea Star Wasting Syndrome Updates page.