Physical Oceanography and Marine Ecosystems

Long Marine Laboratory
University of California Santa Cruz, Santa Cruz, CA

23 June - 12 July 2008

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Course Instructors

Dr. Margaret McManus, University of California Santa Cruz/University of Hawaii

Dr. Jack Barth, Oregon State University

Dr. Libe Washburn, University of California Santa Barbara

Dr. Pete Raimondi, University of California Santa Cruz

Course Description

This 7-credit graduate-level class will focus on how physical oceanographic processes influence marine ecosystems.

This course will be divided into three sections:

  • Processes on scales less than 1km (e.g. the surface and bottom boundary layers; the surface mixed layer and biological structure; turbulence; vertical structure in coastal waters).
  • Processes on scales from 1-1000 km (e.g. wind-driven coastal upwelling; fronts and the accumulation of biological material; tides and internal waves and their effect on larval transport).
  • Processes on scales of 1000 km and greater (e.g. wind-driven circulation, thermohaline circulation, thermohaline structure and biological response of eastern boundary currents using the California Current as an example, variability in ocean circulation – meanders, rings and eddies – and its biological consequences; North Pacific climate variability and its consequences).

We will follow the most recent edition of Mann and Lazier’s textbook, "Dynamics of Marine Ecosystems: Biological-Physical Interactions in the Oceans (3rd Edition)," 2005, Blackwell Publishing, 512 pp.

Download the syllabus (.pdf, 95 KB)

Course Structure

This intensive, 3-week, 6-days-per-week course will feature classroom, computer, laboratory, and field experiences. Students will be offered accommodations in apartments with full kitchen facilities. Some meals will be provided; most will be the students' responsibility. Financial support may be available for tuition and lodging.

Application Procedures: 2008

Applications due 1 March 2008. Notification will be by 1 April 2008.

To apply, send (1) a curriculum vitae and (2) statement of interest to:

Dr. C. Brock Woodson

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