Basic elements of the PISCO program

 Basic Elements of the PISCO Approach

 The PISCO program is built from the general premise that the scientific community must conduct innovative research that will rapidly help society make informed decisions about managing coastal ecosystems. To accomplish this goal, all parts must function smoothly together:

Scientific inquiry and continuous monitoring: the program integrates studies of changes in the ocean environment through ecological monitoring and experiments. Scientists examine the causes and consequences of ecosystem changes over spatial scales that are the most relevant to marine species and management, but largely unstudied elsewhere.

Data management and access: Data are managed in standardized ways for analysis and transformation into data products.

Inform policy with targeted synthesis and outreach: Findings are linked to solutions through a growing portfolio of tools for policy and management decisions. The time from scientific discovery to policy change is greatly reduced by coordinated, efficient links between scientists and key decision makers.

Coordination and Planning for Durability:organization, integration of efforts, strategic development, and adequate fiscal support are essential for program maintenance and resilience.

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