Marine science moves pretty fast, if you don’t use the best tools available, you could miss it.

Managing marine environments effectively has always been one of the major challenges in the ocean environment. A recent article by PISCO scientists published in the journal Bioscience provides insight into some of the latest tools to understand natural variability in marine ecosystems and, have a useful end product for marine managers to make decisions. The article, as part of a special section on managing for resilience in coastal marine ecosystems was based in large part on methods developed during past ten years, used and pioneered by the PISCO program. PISCO research into larval connectivity, species performance and the interplay with near shore oceanography amongst others has been one of the first interdisciplinary studies that have occurred over a large spatial scale over the order of a long time period. The results of such research have been used by marine managers to inform a host of management strategies such as the designation and monitoring of marine protected areas, understand near shore coastal systems such as the ecosystem impacts of hypoxia, and strategies to inform local fisheries management.

Hofmann, G. E., and S. D. Gaines. 2008. New Tools to Meet New Challenges: Emerging Technologies for Managing Marine Ecosystems for Resilience. Bioscience 58:43-52.

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