R/V Paragon

UC Santa Cruz purchased R/V Paragon in August 2001, and began employing it for working missions in April 2002 after a complete re-power and renovation. Paragon is used primarily for PISCO subtidal surveys, survey training, and mooring work. It has also been involved in assisting with various PISCO research projects including studies of rockfish population genetics and recruitment patterns. Additionally Paragon has been contracted to conduct oceanographic work (consisting primarily of deployment and retrieval of instrumentation) for a variety of non-PISCO researchers including representatives from the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary, Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute, California Polytechnic State University, Stanford University, and the office of Naval Research.

Vessel specifications:

R/V Paragon was built by H & F boats in Bandon, Oregon in 1993. Originally a 32’ wood/fiberglass hull, the vessel now has an overall length of 36’ with the addition of the outback and outboard motors. The vessel is powered by twin 250 horsepower Yamaha 4-stroke outboards and cruises at 25 knots when fully loaded. The documented weight is 10 gross tons with a net displacement of about 8 tons. The working deck measures approximately 8.5 x 15 feet. R/V Paragon is equipped with a mast and boom rated for 1,500 pounds, 2 hydraulic capstan heads (deck and boom mounted), a 1,500-pound electric winch, and hydraulic anchoring. The vessel has a full compliment of modern electronics including GPS, radar, AC and clean power inverters.  
R/V Paragon can comfortably accommodate 8-14 persons depending on the nature of the mission. It will sleep up to 4 persons in the V-berth for overnight missions, and due to its unusually low profile, provides an especially stable working platform in most sea conditions. It has two large holds (approx 60 cubic feet each) and is capable of carrying a 10-foot inflatable skiff. R/V Paragon has low working rails and a folding dive platform making it an excellent vessel for dive operations..
The current captains of the R/V Paragon are Andy Reynaga, Alex Macleod and David Benet. Contact Andy Reynaga for more information.


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