R/V Kalipi


Kalipi means "changing of the tides" in Chinook jargon


Construction of the R/V Kalipi was completed in Fall 2002. It was built by EagleCraft of British Columbia, Canada. The Kalipi was designed, constructed, and equipped to mimic the R/V Elakha but on a smaller scale. This vessel can be trailered and driven to other ports for convenience and proximity to sampling sites. While subject to a sampling schedule, this vessel is considered the "fast-response" boat if the Elakha is otherwise occupied while a particularly interesting scientific event is occurring. The Kalipi is solely owned and operated by the PISCO program.

Vessel specifications:

R/V Kalipi is 29-foot cabin cruiser with a beam of 10 feet 6 inches. It is powered by a 260-horsepower diesel engine and a 25-horsepower kicker. It is outfitted with an open transom, transducer well, diving ladder and swim grid. Additionally it carries a 500-pound A-frame and electric winch. R/V Kalipi can accommodate 2 to 8 persons depending on the nature of the mission

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